This Columbarium was dedicated as a sacred place to the glory of God and in loving memory of all of those whose lives will be remembered here.

Act of Dedication – August 19, 2001
Bishop Paul A. Duffey
Dr. Karl K. Stegall
Reverend Robin C. Wilson
Reverend Torrence H. Maxey

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Columbarium Expansion Begins

From its inception nearly fifteen years ago, plans were made for the eventual expansion of our columbarium. We continue to appreciate and benefit from the architectural drawings made by Parker Narrows. Now that phase one of the columbarium has almost 90% capacity, the time has come to begin phase two. The Trustees want to make the congregation aware that soon you will begin seeing signs of new construction. At the same time the Trustees want to report that approximately twenty niches remain available in phase one. The cost of each niche is $1600 (which includes space for two urns). While the cost of a niche in phase two has not yet been determined, it is clear to the Trustees that the cost per niche will increase in order to cover construction costs of these 168 additional niches. For more information about purchasing a niche in phase one, please contact Lillian Gilley at 334-834-8990 or




A one-time fee for a niche reservation is $1250 per person. A niche will contain two urns – the right to exclusive use of a niche is $2500. This fee includes an urn, incising of memorial name plate, and memorial register pages.

There is no charge for the use of the Friendship Room, the Reception Room, the Chapel, or the Sanctuary.


A fee of $450 will be charged for scattering of ashes on church grounds, and for names inscribed on the bronze Memorial Tablets.


*By law, persons have no rights over their bodies after death. Those desiring to be cremated should advise all immediate next of kin of their wishes, as these survivors have final discretion or permission to cremate.

June 2017