If you are a young adult there are a variety of options available to you here at FUMC. We want to meet your needs, help you meet new people, and deepen your walk in Christ. Please join us for any activity. We look forward to seeing you.
Sunday School Classes
Being part of a Sunday School class is a welcoming way to learn more about the church and its members and to grow in your Christian walk. It’s also a great way to meet and interact with people and take in some coffee before going to worship. Whether you are single or married, mid twenties or mid thirties, there’s a place for you. With three different Young Adult class options, folks gather from 9:45-11:00 a.m. Sunday mornings. If you are interested in visiting or joining a class please contact Rev. Gillian Walters, Minister of Discipleship.

Covenant Groups
During the Lenten season there are Young Adult covenant groups to study and grow in discipleship together. There are a number of groups that meet at different times. We have groups for young mothers, singles, and couples. You are welcome to join at anytime.
Once the Lenten season is over Covenant Groups will be continuing with other materials. These groups are a great way to deepen your walk and build relationships within the church body.

Mission Projects
Throughout the year we look for ways to serve within the community. Whether it’s helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, or lending a hand here in Montgomery, we love to help out. Mission Projects will come up every so often. If you are interested in helping out, or have a special project you would like to work on please let us know.

Young Adult Cookout
Each spring the young adults get together and grill out in Cloverdale Park in front of the church. There’s usually an acoustic band, bocci ball, frisbees, tons of good food and a great, relaxing time. People bring their kids, pets, tailgate chairs and picnic blankets. It’s a great way to visit with other church members and visitors.