What is the advantage to having committed, trained volunteers?

A mix of a professional and a volunteer staff makes for a great program. At Respite, both can be found. Relying heavily on volunteers, Respite is able to serve more participants than it could with a paid staff. As a result, scholarships are available to participants, and no one is denied participation on the basis of inability to pay. In addition, a volunteer staff allows for more members of our community from neighboring churches and synagogues to reap the rewards of volunteering with Respite. Our volunteers find this mission so rewarding, in fact, that most feel they are the ones benefitting from the relationships they build with the participants. And, perhaps most importantly, in Respite, the relationships are so personal and strong between volunteers and participants that one cannot often distinguish who is a volunteer and who is a participant.

Oftentimes, our participants have been great volunteers in our community and have lost their ability to give back to others due to memory loss. At Respite, we strategically pair participants so that their individual gifts are utilized, thus giving a sense of accomplishment and value.

Respite volunteers lead many different kinds one-on-one activities which are designed to stimulate and motivate everyone involved. Our volunteers are trained on building self-esteem amongst our friends. There are countless ways to be involved in Respite as a volunteer. If you are interested in sharing your individual gifts and talents through this remarkable program, contact Daphne Johnston at djohnston@fumcmontgomery.org.

2016 Respite Volunteers

Ginny Adair
Beth Acker
Harriet Allison
Nicky Armstrong
Kaki Austin
Julia Azar
Pat Bamman
Glenn Bannister
Isabel Barnes
John Bell
Carolyn Black
Sally Boozer
Martha Borden
Gretchen Boyd
Frances Bricken
Becky Byard
Cyndi Carter
Larry Carter
Pat Chambliss
Susan Chapman
Doris Cole
Gail Criswell
Edith Crook
Elizabeth Crum
Harry Curlin
Helen Dunaway
Frances Dur
Betty Elrich
Susan Finklestein
John Foshee
Josephine Foshee
Rick Gassenheimer
Charlotte Goodwyn
Loretta Grove
Mary Ann Hannah
Katharine Harris
Cathy Hawthorne
Stacie Haynes
Judy Head
Al Hildreth
Rhonda Hodgson
Stephanie Holmes
Karen Keene
Cindy Kessler
Len Kitchens
Sharon Litchfield
Bill Little
Ann Longshore
Richard McCrory
Linda McIntyre
Larry McLemore
Dae Miller
Bill Mitchell
Joan Mitchell
John Mitchum
Barbara Mobley
Merri Moody
Nancy Moss
Evelyn Newton
Larkin Nolen
Karen Northcutt
Lyl Parker
Beebe Phillips
Darrell Phillips
Judy Rigdon
Patrick Riley
Jim Roby
Ruth Russell
Tricia Seay
Laura Selby
Jim Smith
Paul Smith
Winnie Stakley
Brenda Stegall
Linda Stephens
Becky Sternenburg
Paul Sweatt
Penny Thompson
Tom Watson
Gerry Weaver
Walt Weaver
Eloise Wilkerson
Polly Williamson
Cindy Wilson
Joyce Wolfe
Gloria Wood
Angie Young