The Adult Respite Care
First United Church of Montgomery
2416 W. Cloverdale Park
Montgomery, Alabama 36106
334.834.8990 ext. 221
Cell: 334.440.9911


Governing Body
The Adult Respite Ministry is a program of the Health and Wellness Committee of First United Methodist Church, Montgomery Al.

The ministry is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of older adults and their caregivers. It provides activities and socialization opportunities outside the home in a safe and caring setting for older adults with mild to moderate memory loss and/or medical impairments. It provides their caregiver with emotional support through a caregiver support group, information regarding available resources, and personal time away during the day in which to rest and address their own needs.

Services Offered

For the Older Adult Participant:
The ministry provides a safe, loving environment for the well-being of each participant. A variety of activities includes, but is not limited to, social, creative, intellectual, spiritual, and recreational programming. All activities are designed to provide mental stimulation and social participation. Examples of activities include group singing, gardening, crafts, community services, reminiscing, exercise, adapted floor games, intergenerational programs, art therapy, pet therapy, and socialization activities.

For the Caregiver:
This ministry provides respite (an interval of rest or relief) for the caregiver. It supports the efforts of the family to keep the loved one in the home environment, which will contribute to the quality of life of the participant as well as the family. This ministry offers bi-monthly support group with an experienced counselor. It also provides information regarding available community resources, nursing home options, Alzheimer information, etc.

Hours, Days of Operation, Location
The Respite Ministry will begin operation on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-2 pm. The program will be closed on all legal holidays, i.e., New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Day, Fourth of July, etc. Advanced notification of closing will be communicated to participants and caregivers.

Discharge/Termination Procedure
Consideration of discharge from the program will be discussed with the family member(s) before final decision of termination is made in order to give as much advance notice as is reasonably possible. The decision of discharge is left to the Director of Respite Ministry.

There is a daily fee of $30 per day for participation in the program which is paid monthly. Statements are issued at the end of the month for the number of days the participant has attended the program. Payment is expected by the 10 days after receiving the invoice for the previous month.

There is no charge for days not attended; communication to the director or assistant director, however, is vital to day-to-day planning.

A director and assistant director will staff the program. In the director’s absence, the assistant director will be in charge of the operation and activities of First United Methodist Respite Care Ministry. Trained volunteers provide additional staffing and are assigned participants with whom they will socialize during the day. The ratio of volunteers to participants may vary from 2-4 participants to one volunteer, depending upon individuals. Each program day will be considered “full” when it numbers 23.

It is of great importance that lines of communication between caregiver and the program director remain open. If the family of the participant has concerns, observations, and/or suggestions they would like to discuss, they are always encouraged to do so. This can be best accomplished by scheduling an appointment with the director.

Participants needing to take medication(s) during the program hours must be able to take it/them independently. Participants must keep the medications with them during the day, as we are unable to store medications. Program staff will remind a participant to take his/her medication; however, they are unable to administer any medications. Family members must take full responsibility for medication administration.

No one on staff is a medical professional. If a participant shows signs of illness or infectious disease, the director will contact the participant’s caregiver, advising him/her to pick up the participant. Please keep participant home if temperature is above normal.

Sickness and accidents resulting in physical injury or suspected physical injury will be reported to the director who will arrange for appropriate medical attention to be obtained. The caregiver of the participant will be immediately notified or emergency actions will be taken. If it is deemed necessary, transportation to the hospital will be obtained by calling 911. An accident report will be filed with the signature of the caregiver.

Paid Attendants
Participants may choose to have their personal paid attendants with them during the program hours. Paid assistants will provide necessary aid to their own client, but will be expected to assist their client in participating in the activities as scheduled. They will also be responsible for payment of their meals.

Consent Form
Medical Form