The Children’s Library

The Children’s Library is located on the second floor of the Education Building. This library is designed especially for children. It is a place where they may sit and read or check out books based on the Bible and Christian values. The Children’s Library is open every time the church doors are open.

FUMC Children’s Library Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Children’s Library?
It is located on the second floor of the Education Building, across from the 4th grade Sunday School classroom.

What Is In The Library?
There are over 1,200 Christian, life lesson, reference, biographical, and fiction books /DVDs for children and tweens.

How Is The Library Organized?
Younger children’s books are on one side of the library; Elementary and Tween levels are on the other. See the Library Inventory Binder (on the counter) for a complete list of books.

Why Are There Colored Dots On The Spines Of Some Books?
The dots quickly identify the genres or general content area. See signs posted in the library for specific information regarding the dots.

How Can I Check Out Books/DVDs?
Each book/DVD has a pocket envelope and card in the back. Neatly write your name and date on the card and place it in the “check out” box located on the counter. Young children will need a parent, teacher, or other adult to assist in this process. Take a free bookmark and write down the date your books are due back.

How Many Books/DVDs Can I Check Out At One Time?
Please limit the number to 10 total items.

When Do I Need To Return The Books/DVDs?
Please return the items within 2 weeks of check out.

How Do I Return Books?
Simply, place your returns on the cart. Library volunteers will check them in and re-shelve them.

Does The Library Accept Donations?
Yes! New and gently used books are greatly appreciated and will be added to circulation, the swap-a-book table or for teacher use! Please place items in the “Donations” bin. We also accept monetary donations for new purchases.

May I Dedicate A Book In Honor Or In Memory Of Someone?
Yes! We have a selection of books from which you may choose.  You may purchase one of these new books and fill out the dedication form located on the counter in the library.  Your book will be labeled accordingly inside the front cover.

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